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22 November 2014

Download Game Horror Slenderman Terbaru

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Download Game Horror Slander Terbaru

Size : 49MB
Slender: The Eight Pages, originally known simply as Slender, is a free download indie-developed first-person survival horror video game released in June 2012 as a beta for Microsoft Windows and OS X, utilizing the Unity engine. The game is based on the fakeloric figure known as Slender Man, who is known for the abduction of children in dark, mysterious settings. Gameplay Slender: The Eight Pages is set in the middle of a forest
during the night and is played from a first person perspective. The player's objective is to collect eight pages located in various areas of the forest while avoiding the Slender Man. Slender Man moves by teleporting. The player is equipped with only a flashlight to see through the dark; its
battery life is limited and will eventually shut down
permanently if left on for an extended period of time.
Game ini adalah game horror yg jadul tapi seru monggo dicoba




Processor: Pentium III
Graphics: Athalon MP,Gerforce 7100,Rage 128 Pro
DirectX: DX9
OS: Win Xp 32
Ram: 500 MB

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