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16 February 2014

Project Liberty City V2 Download

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Project Liberty City V2

This is a total conversion that was started in December 2011, and is basically a IV/EFLC conversion for San Andreas. My project is not the first to try to complete this goal, but i'm going to try my best to finish the map. The map will use both IV models, and EFLC models.

Mod ini Replace hampir semua map di GTA SA  dan menggantinya dengan map GTA IV

Dan ini adalah Mod terakhir yg di buat oleh Author di bawah

'A Final Goodbye' Open Source Release
This is the end for Project IV. One last release. Me and xXaerooff2Xx and has discussed it, and there will be only 1 more release which will be what we have done so far. It will be an Open Sourced release, so if anyone wants to continue our work they may do so, but give credit where it is due. The open sourced release will have bugs and issues, but it is where we left off at.

Why is it ending? Simply enough, we have lost interest in doing it. I also can't find the time anymore. So instead of leaving everyone out there wondering if it will continue, this is the official update saying goodbye, and thanks for your support of this mod.

Team/ Credits:
Hellya2011- Mod Leader/ Model Convertor/ Scripting
xXaerooff2Xx- Mod Leader/ Model Converting
LIPTON- Model Convertor
DK22Pac- Scripts & Tools

Onyx- Pedestrian & Car Nodes
Oksa8- Scripting

TheNikoST- Beta Tester & Media Manager
YoshiHDify- Beta Tester
ItsAllAboutGTA- Beta Tester
KiNG3LP- Beta Tester

Screen shoot Game play

Cara Install Sudah di sediakan dalam rar

kalau ada yg kurang jelas silahkan berkomentar...

22 komentar:

  1. Bro, ini pednya ada/gak keliaran di jalan??? Terus mobilnya harus di spawn atau bisa nyari sendiri???

  2. kalo orang mungkin ada mungkin tidak tenag aja mobil bisa di spawn sendiri kok

  3. itu ada GTAPL Taro dimana gan?? :-?

  4. kasih tutor cara masangnya gan... :))

  5. Bingung gan,situ buat vidio aja gan biar lebih mudah :)) ;))

  6. ini udh final atau masih beta gan?..

  7. Ini udh final atau masih beta gan?..

  8. ini udah terakhir di buat author.... g bakal di realese lgi

  9. yah.. yg lain aja sukses kok ane juga udah coba 100% work. errornya gimana?? [-(

  10. di loadscreen macet terus.padahal komputer gw g ada masalah

  11. kan caranya pake dulu map cleaner terus pindah file yg ada di file Drag And Drop In Installation Folder,terus baru add to gta3.img kan?

  12. klo salah mohon di benarkan

    Terima kasih

  13. 1) To begin with make sure you have version 1.0 of the gtasa.exe, but this shouldn't be a problem
    if you use the .exe included. Also, i suggest using a clean install of GTA San Andreas to install the
    mod to.

    2)Run Map Cleaner on your game directory!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! open the map cleaner, click
    "browse directory" then click start, that simple!!

    3) Drag and drop all the files in the folder "Drag And Drop In Installation Folder" included in this .rar and put it in your main
    GTA San Andreas Install Directory.

    4) Open GTA3.IMG with an img of your choice (like spark, imgtool, etc)

    5) delete all 64 nodes.dat files

    6) Drag and drop/ add all files in the folder "ADD TO GTA3.IMG" into gta3.img, and rebuild your gta3.img

    4) Your game should now work perfectly, but always start a new game after installing a version of project
    liberty so car, enex, and weapons will spawn correctly!

    kalau bisa Installnya GTA yg belum di mod bro.. jdi kalau gta ente udah di mod mungkin ada file yg g cocok..... jdi kalau pengen main versi ini coba install gta lagi di local disk E atau local Disk yang lain... itu pasti 100% woork.

  14. gan kok ane pas loading gamenya pas di tengah loading malah diem/macet gitu peliz help gan tolong jawab lewat facebook ane gan help help me

  15. Gan pas download kok kelimit lama buanget! biar gak kelimit Gimana y?


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